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We do not need to agree on everthing to work for peace and justice
  • Coming in 2014: The 5th Annual IWagePeace Walk
  • Combatants for Peace Panel Discussion Milford, October 2013
  • IWagePeaceWalk 2013 Bruce Barrett and Imam Hannan at Masjid Al-Islam
  • Washington DC September 2013
  • Combatants For Peace at the Jewish Community of Amherst October 2013
  • The Unity Pledge at the Joseph Slifka Center, IWagePeace Walk New Haven 2012
  • Painting For Peace with the Kids4Peace in Vermont 2012
  • 2012 Peace Walk with Combatants For Peace Erez Krispin and Nour Shehada

Our Mission

IWagePeace inspires peacemakers through education, film, creative advertising and public events. We believe in doing things.

Explore what we are doing here on the ground, and when you come to our events, you become a peacemaker. We are part of a solution, and we want you to join us.

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Fighting fear and xenophobia through our public commitment to each other.

We are bold, we are not afraid of our differences, and we will make a difference by working together. We must be fearless and honest.

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Upcoming Events

The IWagePeace Walk is a preemptive peace action, a public declaration that is vitally important during a time when fear misguides our citizens toward mistrust, hatred, and harm. It is our roll as spiritual leaders to show ourselves publicly, so that others, less sure of themselves, will not lose their way, will not succumb to fear, hatred, and harm, but will be drawn to goodness through our very public and common action together.

Full Schedule of Events and Details

Your donation, no matter how small, helps us wage peace at home and abroad. Your tax deductible support is greatly appreciated.