The Billboard Campaigns
IWagePeace Classic
"The Classic"

I Wage Peace.Org has been flying on CT Interstates since it's introduction in the Spring of 2006. The sign burns one clear message: Peacemaking is patriotic, active, and the duty of every American. The flag used for the first IWagePeace sign was flying at founder Bruce Barrett's home on a sunny day. He immediately knew what he wanted. This campaign flies on our interstates regularly in our area.

We're All in this Togetheer
"We Are All In This Together"

The wealth of our planet is immeasurable, but to whom much is given, much is expected. As peacemakers, we take care of each other by taking care of the planet Earth.  We are citizens not only of our nation and cities; we are Global Citizens of the Planet Earth. "We're all in this together" is an awareness campaign that fosters our sense of global community. Driving on the highway one night, founder Bruce Barrett realized we needed an iconic sign for global citizenship. His daughter Sarah and him laid out the copy. The sign makes a regular tour on the interstate highways of Connecticut.

Santa Wages Peace
"Santa Wages Peace"

 This campaign refocuses the "Santa" brand back to his powerful roots as a loving Peacemaker. In 2007 and years following in December, we displayed this sign on I-95 in Stratford. Bruce's daughter Sarah made Santa, the reindeer, the snow, star, and trees from construction paper. Artist and muralist Russell Rainbolt arranged the images for the sign copy and allowed Sarah to help him hand paint the sign. We use this sign to reclaim the seventh century Saint Nicholas as the peacemaker he was. 

They Voted to Allow Torture
"They Voted To Allow Torture"

This ad ran in two locations on I-95 and RT 84 in October and November during the 2006 Congressional elections. The sign was mentioned in two congressional debates and received national press coverage on NPR and "The Factor". Of the four candidates, Johnson and Simmons were not returned to office. This was a powerful image expressing our anger with those who supported the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Artist Russell Rainbolt hand painted the Abu Ghraib image. We are grateful to our partner Reclaiming The Prophetic Voice for their input.

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